Finca El Péndulo

The Finca el Pendulo was born through a series of synchronicities that slowly began to give life and shape it’s purpose. It is located near Tepatitlan Jalisco, in the middle of the Mexican countryside, where animals, plants, and people coexist in a multifaceted environment to achieve harmony through sacred medicine, meditation, and various mental and physical practices. The Finca is where all of our retreat guests will stay, relax, and enjoy scheduled activities such as horseback riding, meditation, pottery, and a rock climbing wall. Guests will have unlimited access to the pool, foosball & table tennis, as well as a game room with a pool and poker table. We invite you to discover our multiple accommodation options, amenities, services and experiences.

The Osho Hut

The Osho Hut offers therapy and meditation groups in a loving and comfortable environment for a peaceful inner journey. On the very first night Marina, the owner of the Finca, arrived she awoke to noises outside. She ventured outside to discover a horse being born. At that moment she witnessed life being created and had a moment of complete and total awareness. Years later, the birth location is where the center of the Osho hut was built. It is constructed with stone, wood, and onyx from India. This will be the location where all of our sacred medicine ceremonies will take place.

The Osho Hut

Temazcal (Sweat Lodge)

A Temazcal is a traditional Mexican steam bath that promotes physical well-being and healing. Temazcal is also a ritual and spiritual practice in which traditional healing methods are used to encourage reflection and introspection. While the body rids itself of toxins through sweating, the spirit is renewed through ritual. The temazcal is thought to represent the womb and people coming out of the bath are, in a symbolic sense, re-born.

The Osho Hut

The Oracle

When Marina first arrived at The Finca she was looking to create a peaceful meditation space similar to her experience at the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune India. The previous owner had erected 16 columns as a place to grow plants, coincidentally this location shares the exact same latitude and longitude as the center in India but on polar opposite sides of the globe; thus The Oracle was born. Its design is based on the dynamics Geomancy (similar to Fengshui). The Oracle is a beautiful work of art used as a place to meditate, but it’s main purpose is answering questions. The process consists of asking a question with the soul and the mind and choosing a column. This column will have a symbol that indicates the information given by the elements, Aristotelian logic, and the subconscious. If you are looking for answers, the Oracle helps you to find them.

The Osho Hut

The Pool

Guests will have unlimited access to the pool for the duration of their stay. It’s a great place to relax after a ceremony or go for a swim. The area near the pool has table tennis and a foosball table. It’s conveniently located right next to the kitchen.


The relationship between horses and humans dates back nearly 4,000 years. Riding a horse involves a melding of bodies, with humans and horses developing a high level of bodily control and sensitivity. Horses and humans have developed a unique way to communicate with one another that’s reliant on touch, emotional connection, and becoming attune to physical movements. It’s an empathetic physical dialogue, with the goal of having two bodies operate as one. It’s a symbiotic and dynamic process that recognizes horses as sensitive, decision-making beings. Through this process, it helps humans learn about themselves. The Finca has several horses to accommodate riders of varying skill levels including guests who’ve never ridden before.

The Wolves

The Finca has the utmost respect for animals, and wolves are no exception. Historically, wolves lived throughout the world and have been revered as symbols of wildness, worshipped as spirits of nature, and idolized as the ultimate social animals. They form deep bonds with other pack members and depend on each other to survive. Wolves put the pack above their own interests, which is why you’ll see wolves fall in line to perform the role they’re best suited for. Above all, wolves want their pack to thrive, so the spirit of the wolf is a reminder that the greatest gifts in life are your relationships with those you love.

The two wolves, Biko and Fifi, have been at the ranch since they were puppies and are contained in their own enclosure due to their predatory instincts. One of unique experiences we offer is the opportunity to enter into their territory and learn about an animal with many human-like characteristics such as bravery, intelligence, and leadership.

The Osho Hut

Art Studio

An experience where the four elements (fire, earth, air, water) converge to form a unique piece with the best style: yours. We’ve designed this experience with the intention of fostering creativity and inner exploration, through the creation of a ceramic piece.

The Osho Hut


It wouldn’t be a ranch without animals! The Finca has a several friendly dogs, cats, chickens, horses, and donkeys that you will be able to meet at your retreat.

The Osho Hut

Game Room

Guests who want a change of pace will have access to the game room for the duration of their stay. It features a pool table, poker table, bar area for refreshments, and several board games. It’s a great place to relax, unwind, and enjoy yourself.

The Osho Hut

Rock Climbing Wall

Try the rock climbing wall to get active, overcome fear, and have the opportunity to fall in love with the outdoors Climbing requires focus to find the right body position, balance, and movement to unlock the puzzle-like sequence to get up the wall. It can be very mentally stimulating and improve your short term memory. Longer climbing routes will work on cardio and build endurance. Climbing is a great opportunity to learn valuable goal setting techniques and increase confidence at the same time.