Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mexico Safe?

When the topic of Mexico comes up, one of the most common questions asked is – is it safe?  The concern is legitimate, but the fears stem from what the mainstream media reports.  It reports cartel violence primarily from the Mexican border towns.  These places can be dangerous, but we assure you Jalisco is not one of them.  I (Ruger Hebert) recently made the move from Las Vegas to Guadalajara and I feel safer in most parts of Mexico than I did in Las Vegas.  Included in your retreat price is secure transportation to and from the Guadalajara Airport to “The Finca,” where our retreat takes place. It is located in a peaceful secure farming community about an hour east of Guadalajara.  Accessing the ranching area requires a restrictive toll.  The Finca is isolated and has high walls installed around the entrance.  Imagine one of the secure towns in “The Walking Dead” (but without the zombies).  Our team prioritizes our client’s well-being and we’ve made taken every effort to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests.      

Is Ayahuasca Safe?

Ayahuasca is a transformative life altering experience that offers clarity and healing. People who take ayahuasca show increases in openness, connectivity, and optimism. It reduces activity in parts of the brain associated with depression, and anxiety, and medical research agrees. However, as with any powerful psychedelic there’s always the risk that people will have a frightening experience. The plant is for everyone, but not everyone is ready for the plant. Precautions are always taken not because the plant can harm you, but because there are medications and psychological situations that could make it difficult to receive the healing you are seeking. Both DMT and ayahuasca can temporarily raise heart rate and increase blood pressure, however our shaman has performed over 150 ceremonies in the past year alone to thousands of participants worldwide, and he along with our expert staff will be with you through every step of the process.

This Sound Like a Cult?

There is no required belief system whatsoever to participate in our retreats. Participants subscribe to a range of beliefs ranging from Agnostic to Christianity to Eastern Religions. While this is an all-inclusive retreat, you are free to choose to participate in all or just some of the ceremonies we offer. We are offering exactly what we’ve experienced ourselves and know the results from participating in all ceremonies.

Where does the medicine come from? How is Kambo and Bufo obtained?

Our Ayahuasca comes from Pucallpa Peru. Kambo and Bufo comes from Mexico and Our Shaman works with a very ethical group that ensures the proper respect of the frog or toad when the venom is extracted. The animals are not harmed in any way.

What Are The Types of Lodgings & Accommodations?

The Finca has 8 different guest lodgings on the property. There are 2 large, spacious, comfortable bedrooms that accommodate multiples guests, as well as 3 private rooms and 3 private cabins. Each lodging has multiple bathrooms and private showers.

Will there be internet service during these retreats?

Yes, most common areas of the ranch offer high-speed wifi and cellular service. The locations where the ceremonies will take place do not as it is recommended to eliminate the distractions of modern technology for spiritual benefit.

Tell Me About the Food?

All meals are included in the retreat costs and provided at the retreat center. We provide delicious omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan meals as well as any other dietary restrictions. Meals are mainly Mexican dishes consisting of the highest quality chicken, beef, fish, eggs, vegetables, grains, and juices. Purified drinking water will be available at all times.

Could I Extend My Trip and Stay At The Finca After The Retreat?

Guests are welcome to stay beyond the retreat dates at additional costs, however medicine ceremonies are only available during the specific retreat times.