Our Staff & Stories

Yoga Instructor – Tuesday

Hi my name is Tuesday and I am a Yoga Teacher based in Mexico providing traditional mat yoga classes Vinyasa Flow and different variations of meditation. I teach public group classes and private sessions. 
Greatly influenced by the writings of T.K.V. Desikachar, I am passionate about making yoga accessible to all, working with the breath and adapting postures to the individual’s needs by providing options and modifications throughout all classes. I’m also very empathic and intuitive and adapt all my classes to fit every individuals mood and skill. 
I have practiced yoga for 10 years, taking classes in many different styles, and credit it with helping me through the many changes that life brings: giving time for myself; time to still my mind and mental health. 
In 2018 I completed the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Foundation Course Level 1, studying with Caroline Wilkinson BWYDip. This course took my interest and love of yoga to a new level. I enrolled on the Yoga Alliance 200 hours Course in Teacher Training with Yoga Vimoksha in Goa. Having passed the necessary stages to be able to teach under the Yoga Alliance banner, I am continuing my studies, expanding my knowledge in yoga and different methods of healing . 
The Finca Péndulo has not only given me the space to create and build my passion, it’s welcomed me into the family here, which is truly magical and I’m forever grateful.

Executive Chef – Kaya

My name is Kaya Blauth, I’m 20 years old, and I’m the executive chef at Finca el Péndulo. I’ve been cooking for 4 years in professional restaurants and my passion is cooking with eclectic flavors. Ever since I was a kid I was amazed by food – the texture and how many different flavors there are. My family and I moved 2010 to Uzbekistan in central Asia, where I encountered many different types of herbs, meats, fruits and vegetables. It was an amazing experience to encounter so many different flavors at such a young age. By 2012 I moved back to Germany as my parents spilt up and my mum got sick. She left Germany to recover from her illness and moved to Ibiza. After one year living with my aunt I decided to move to Ibiza. In Ibiza I visited a local School for 2 years where I learned to speak Spanish, and enrolled in a cooking school for a year. In 2017 I finished the course and wanted to start cooking. In 2017 I started as a dish washer in a Mediterranean restaurant, and was quickly promoted to Sous chef. I learned a lot during that time from the Head Chef in the two years I was there. Late 2020 I started working in a Vegan deli kitchen, which I really enjoyed as I grew up with a lot of vegetraian and vegan dishes. By the September 2021 I decided to move back to Germany and continue studying. I was in Germany for 2 months before I felt called to come to Mexico. I’m happy to be here with the Péndulo Family. Everyday is a new experience and the people are amazing. It’s an honor to be here.